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5 Reasons You Should Rent a 3 or 4 Bedroom Apartment


Ever heard the saying, “One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s (and four’s) a party”? Andy Warhol must have been referring to 3 and 4-bedroom units. ;) If you have lived in a sorority, fraternity house or even a dorm, then you are probably ready to have your own room but not ready to leave all the fun. Well lucky for you, you don’t have to! Living by yourself sounds nice at first, but there are definitely some perks to having roommates.

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Here are 5 reasons why a 3 or 4 bedroom unit is worth considering:

  1. S-P-A-C-E
    • A larger living room and kitchen give you plenty of room for all of your “stuff!”
    • The bedrooms are often much larger compared to a studio or dorm, and there is no need to utilize a futon or loft bed. You can typically have a full or queen mattress and a few bedrooms can even house a king!!!
  2. Pick your roommates
    • Choose your roomies. Don’t leave a friend out! You’ll have plenty of room for everyone and if you need extra space to get away, you have your own area just for you! The best part? No more random dorm-mates.
  3. Create your own community
    • Have a large group of friends but can’t all live together? Pick an apartment with rooms on the same floor for that community feel. Don’t forget to ask for group discounts!
    • 3 or 4 bedroom units can be found in houses, townhomes, or apartments. Pick your flavor.
  4. Save $$$$
    • Split rent, utilities, and groceries 3 or 4 ways… need we say more?
  5. No mo FOMO !!
    • Have a fear of missing out?? With 2 to 3 roommates you’ll always have a friend to go out with or stay in and watch a movie.

Thinking a 3 or 4 bedroom unit may just be what you and your friends are looking for? Let us help you find your perfect fit!

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