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The Farmers Market

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Ahh the smell of fresh flowers, burgers cooking on the grill, and variety of baked goods can only mean one thing… the farmers market is back! So what is all the hype about? Let’s find out!


First things first, when is it and where?

During the summer from May 3 through July 26, the Purdue Market is open on Thursdays from 11am-2pm. From August 2 to October 5, the market extends its hours on Thursday to 11am-3pm. The market can be found on Memorial Mall, perfect location for you to stop by between classes. Miss the Purdue Market? Don’t worry! The Lafayette Market is located downtown on 5th Street between Main and Columbia. This market is open from May 5 through October on Saturdays from 8am-12:30pm.  


What do they have?

I should start by saying what don’t they have?? From baked goods and cookies to pasta and breadsticks, the market has a treat for when you need something sweet, or a meal when you miss lunch.


What vendors can I find there?

**Lafayette Market**

In Season

Kelly’s Flowers and Vegetables

Klein Brot Haus

Kuns Bakery, Inc

Lexi’s Lights

Little Italy

LongHouse Farm

Longlois Artisans

Mt Gilboa Garden Farm

Murana Botanicals

Next to Godliness Soap

Old Gray Cat Herb Farm

Pete’s Diner

Pure Eatery

RDM Farms

Scones & Dollies

Sheepdog Farms

Skillington Farms

Sweet Revolution Bake Shop

The Vintage Key

The Weathered Plow

Thistle Byre Farm

Trinity Acres Farm

Two Guys Catering and Bakery


**Purdue Market**

AM Flower Farm

Bloomers Greenhouse

Cleaver Family Farms

Crabby Mike’s BBQ


Frigo Fresh

Grandpa’s Beef Jerky

Great Harvest Bread Co

Gryphon Greenhouse

Harvest of the Fields

Kitchen Anatolia

Klein Brot Haus

Little Italy/ Zeus Gyros

LongHouse Farm

Maggie Home Chef

Mt Gilboa Garden Farm

Next to Godliness Soap

Old Gray Cat Herb Farm

Scones & Dollies

Sheepdog Farms

Sweet Revolution Bake Shop

Wabash and Riley Honey Company


We would tell you what each vendor offers, but that’s for you to discover at the market.

Come check them out this Thursday and Saturday!

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