How to Find Your Perfect Apartment


Woo college! Freedom! No Rules! Fun! Now what? You are out on your own, so now you need to know where to live. Here are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect apartment:



Ahhh location, location, location. What do you want to be close to or far from? Are your classes around the engineering mall? Check out Melrose Place or Grant Flats. Do you like the idea of living in Lafayette? We have numerous locations right across the Wabash River. Finding your perfect location can make or break your apartment experience.



Budget is by far one of the most important factors in choosing your apartment. Look at your price point and choose a range you are willing to work with. Remember you still have to pay utilities along with your rent, some more than others. Usually, on-campus apartments will be more expensive than off-campus, and the more people you live with, the cheaper your rent!



Do you need a washer and dryer in your apartment or are you okay with going to a laundromat? Did you know we have a couple of properties with a pool and a workout facility? Awesome, I know! Write down a list of must-haves, really-wants, and okay-withouts, and use those to determine your apartment.



Are you more of a people person and okay with a few roommates? Do you like your space to yourself? These are things to consider when deciding how many bedrooms your apartment will have. You could have anywhere from zero to three roomies, it is all your preference!


For more information on which of our properties fit your needs, head over to our website or come into the office and speak to a leasing agent!

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