Pool Etiquette


Ahhhhh summer is coming! Prepare for your pool days by brushing up on your pool etiquette.

Don’t bring glass by the pool

If broken glass gets into the pool, it has to be drained and refilled. Don’t be that person to ruin the pool for everyone.

Don’t dive, cannonball

Protect your neck! I know you want to show off your Steele Johnson moves, but these pools are not meant for your swan dive. Show off how big of a splash you can make instead!

Booze in moderation

Sippin on a drink by the pool? Take your time and hydrate between drinks. You don’t want the sun and alcohol to dehydrate you so you can’t enjoy the weather.

Having a party? Be considerate of other residents.

Enjoy your tunes, friends and fun, but make sure you’re not disturbing the other residents! They deserve to kick back and relax by the water as much as you do.

Use actual bathrooms

Just don’t even think about it.

Start a game of marco polo

Everyone loves a good pool game! Meet new people and get the fun rolling!

Keep snacks outside the pool

Everyone loves a good poolside munchie, just be careful. Goldfish taste better without the extra chlorine.

Sunscreen is your buddy, even when it’s cloudy

You know the studies and the risks. Protect your skin so you can continue soaking up the sun!


The pools at Grant Street Station and The Quarters are open all summer and part of the school year. There is nothing better than coming home and relaxing by the water after a long day. Schedule a showing and check out these two properties!

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