Want to Know More About Living With Granite?

The Granite Student Living team is here for you to answer all of your questions regarding renting an apartment. Reference this quick list of FAQs to get started.

1. Will I receive all of my security deposit back?

The security deposit is held for any damages that may be done to the apartment. Please keep in mind that we automatically deduct the administration fee and a carpet cleaning fee. Also, keep in mind that the level of cleanliness does affect your deposit return. In other words, if you trash the place, you will receive less of a deposit if anything at all. So you may receive some or even most of your deposit back, provided the apartment is returned clean and in good shape.

2. How often will my apartment be shown?

There is no real way to tell how often your apartment may be shown. We only show available apartments. As soon as the unit has been leased, we will stop showing it. If you choose to renew, we will not show it to potential prospects. We try to rotate apartments as long as there is availability to do so and you will be notified before we show your apartment.

3. Once I sign, am I able to cancel my lease?

Unfortunately, no. There is no cancellation policy. If you no longer wish to live in the apartment you will have to find someone to replace you. If a replacement is found before the start date of your lease, you may be released from your lease and they would replace you. If you find someone after the start date of your lease, it would operate as a sublease. In each case a fee would apply for either the release or sublease.

4. Why do I have to pay rent two months before I can even move in?

The common market practice is for future residents to pay the security deposit at lease signing. Rental payments usually begin two months before the lease start month and end two months before the lease end month.

5. Can I sublease?

Yes. You are responsible for finding your own sublease, we do not keep a list of people looking for subleases. You and the sublessee will need to sign a sublease agreement, and a sublease fee is owed equal to one rental payment, paid by either of you. Keep in mind, if you have roommates, we will need their permission before subleasing. If your sublessee is not a student, they may have to submit an application prior to signing a sublease agreement.

6. Why do we have to have renters insurance and where can I get it?

Renters insurance covers damage to your property or personal injury to you or your guests while living with us. If there is a fire or tornado that damages your stuff, you would be paying out of pocket to replace it. You can get renters insurance from almost any insurance provider, we recommend GradGuard Insurance to all of our residents.

7. What is the process for signing a lease?

The process is signing the lease and paying the deposit + admin fee. We prefer to sign leases in the office to make it easier to answer questions, but we can send leases electronically if you are out of town. When you sign you will just need your deposit payment and state/government issued ID. If you are not a student you will have to complete a rental application prior to signing.

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