Are you having a non-emergency?

For the quickest service, please submit your maintenance request through your AppFolio account.

West Lafayette maintenance hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. 

Bloomington maintenance hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm provided by Facilitech.



Check out our other maintenance resources and instructional videos here: Maintenance Resources

For Maintenance Emergencies:

If you are having a maintenance emergency, please call:

Lafayette/West Lafayette: 765.269.7283
Bloomington: 812.727.7000


These include:

  • No electricity throughout the apartment - Please call electrical provider first: Duke or Tipmont REMC
  • No heat in temperatures below 55ºF in the unit, and it is a Friday or Saturday
  • No water throughout the apartment
  • Flooding or leaks in the apartment (if possible please shut off the valve)
  • Smoke detectors not working properly - Please replace batteries before calling
  • Situations where access to the apartment may be compromised (i.e. broken windows or broken locks)
  • Air Conditioner is not working when it is 85 degrees or higher in the unit, and it is a Friday or Saturday
  • No hot water on weekends
  • If a gas leak is suspected, please dial 911 to report it to emergency personnel. Please also notify Granite.

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